Design for development of Renewable Energy for Energy Efficiency

I-Green makes available feasibility studies, technical assistance, technology transfer and training activities for the development of renewable sources, expecially photovoltaic and cogeneration for the efficient use of energy, also internationally.

We offer innovative solutions to achieve economic and energy savings, we can develop sustainable energy systems based on renewable energy sources mainly in the industrial and commercial sectors.

I-Green will accompany you in the design and management of your projects through:

  • Energy audit and identification of savings capacity
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Analysis and take in charge of energy efficiency costs
  • Assistance in obtaining incentives/loans (both Feed in Tariff and PPA)
  • Business Analysis System (AMO)
  • Supervision of Energy consumption
  • Subscription of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

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