Energy Efficiency

In an increasingly complex world where the borders between producers and energy consumers are redefined every day, we face with new challenges, that require us to find new solutions.
Energy efficiency is one of these solutions. Optimization of resources, more conscious and rationalization of consumption, environmental sustainability, elimination of losses and waste, efficient management of simple and complex systems, use of the most efficient technologies.

Services Offered

I-Green is an Energy Service Company certified UNI CEI 11352. The implementation of actions to improvement of energy efficiency requires skills and experience. We offer integrated services that start from the energy diagnosis, identify the most appropriate technical and management solutions through the application of innovative technologies.

The energy efficiency of your enterprise is a custom made tailored dress that can’t be standardized. For this reason we work in sinergy with the company management to identify the existing energy profile and lead the customer on the way to improve their own energy performance.

Our E.S.Co services cover:

  • Energy diagnosis and energy audit activities, under decree D.Lgs.n.102/2014
  • Verification of the compliance of the plants and equipment with relevant legislation and regulation.
  • Produce feasibility studies with technical-economic analysis.
  • Design the intervention project to be carried out with publication of technical specifications, in view BAT (best available technology).
  • Monitoring and control of consumption through energy analysis modules, modules of management for both consumption and production, modules to forecast failures.
  • Presentation of adequate periodic reports to the customer.
  • Advice and technical support for the acquisition and management of loans, incentives and tenders for energy efficiency measures.
  • Training and information activities with the client.
  • Acquisition service for Energy Efficiency Titles (TEE) or White Certificates.

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