Custom made energy management service

I-Green offers a personalized Energy Management service, supporting the enterprise in the definition of its targets in matter of saving and improvement.

  • Monitoring by remote control, the energy system and periodic reports allow a comparison between consumption and energy saving for the entire duration of the contract.
  • Design and implementation of Energy Models.
  • Implementation of Energy Budget.
  • Implementation of Energy Benchmark.
  • Design and Implementation of Energy Performance Indicators.
  • Proposal for efficiency improvement for industrial plants.
  • Design, Implementation and management interventions: improvements through cogeneration, photovoltaic, internal and external high efficiency lighting systems.
  • Assistance in identifying the best conditions for electricity and gas supply.
  • Tariff analysis and benchmarking.
  • Energy Certifications.

I-Green is also able to offer, through its own certified EGE, the appointment of the Company’s Energy Manager for all those companies which are required to.

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